-Photographed my first wedding at 16 years old
-Loves Barre class, iced coffee, and Anthropologie
-Dream vacation includes Italy because carbs
-Met Brandon in high school and has been dating him ever since! 
-Photographed a wedding while in labor with Eleanor, because you don't disappoint a bride
-Photographed a wedding while in labor with Colin, because the bride was a nurse haha!
-Had all natural, at home births
-Favorite shows are Gilmore Girls, New Girl, and Anne of Green Gables
-Advocate for non-toxic living

Hey! I'm Juliana.

-Graduated with two degrees, Accounting and Finance
-Started working with Juliana in 2016
-Spends most of his work days in the office editing and listening to podcasts
-Major tech geek 
-Hopes to visit Scotland one day because Scotch
-You may find him occasionally researching how-to videos or playing Xbox
-Worships the Joanna Gaines cookbook
-Favorite movies include Inception and The Matrix
-Obsessed with printed ties 

Hi! I'm Brandon.